Optional Activities & Tours

Wildlife Nature Trails

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There are a number of other animal species in Samboja Lestari that have returned to this regenerating forest. Some of the animals you might spot on guided walks early morning and late afternoon through our Nature Trail are: birds, lizards and snakes (blood pythons), small mammals (deer and pigs) and many amazing insects (walking sticks, beautiful butterflies, millipedes etc.). You might even spot wild primates newly arrived to the area such as gibbons, macaques (2 species), and proboscis and red leaf monkeys.

Tree Planting

Planting Tree This is not as simple as it sounds. There are more than a hundred thousand young trees of many varieties in our nearby plantation. It takes a lot of knowledge to plant trees properly, finding the best locations regarding amount of sun, water needs, proper soil balance and nutrients, etc. Armed with a machete, you can help cut the large and fast-growing weeds, fertilize trees, and register growth and/or any problems. It is very educational and you will be able to experience for yourself the value of the local workers and a hard day’s work in the hot sun! It is not easy to plant a new forest and we can certainly use your help.

Sungai Hitam (Black River) 2-3 hour tour

Sungai Hitam Trip

Sungai Hitam is best visited in the early morning and late afternoon. Following a 30 minute drive  from Samboja Lestari you take a boat ride along the Sungai Hitam tidal river to see highly endangered Proboscis monkeys and other wildlife. Local fisherman will guide you on this tidal river. The fisherman will have a daily income for their services.

Sungai Wain a day tour

Sungai Wain Adventure

Less than one hour drive from Samboja Lestari lies the protected forest area of Sungai Wain. This was the first release site of BOS Foundation where 75 rehabilitated orangutans were released between 1992-1998. Several female orangutans with babies have been observed on previous visits. Since they are totally wild again, there is no 100% guarantee that you will see one of those released orangutans on this trip. But on this fairly challenging trip  you will see much interesting wildlife.

Bukit Bengkirai (Canopy High Walk) half-day tour

Bukit Bangkirai

One-hour drive from Samboja Lestari is the forest park of Bukit Bangkirai. Visitors can take short forest walks and climbing into the forest canopy using connecting bridges to a height of 40 meters. Platform provide a perfect vantage point for observing macaques, leaf monkeys, maroon langurs, gibbons and hornbills.