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Your people and work are wonderful. We are blessed to be able to visit and to help however we can. Thank you for who you are and what you do!

Amory and Judy Hill Lovins / Snowmass/Aspen, Colorado, USA

My heart is full, thak you for your smiles, your kindness, for the beauty the orangutans – I will keep you touched inside my heart when I am home in California – may you all be well & happy.

Camille /

Thank you for all your help, ypur kindness, your smiles and for all the laughter. We had 14 fantastic days here. This is the best nature/animal project in the whoke world. Thank you for helping the animals, the nature and the local people. We will be back….. Hugs and Kisses

Ditte and Michael / ditte[at]orangutang.dk

For all the people at the Samboja Lodge We had a great time here. It is just wonderful and very interesting. So we hope one time we will come back and meet you all again.

Hansjorg and Andrea / Switzerland

Thank you for having us at your beautiful Lodge. Terima kasih banyak.

Luke + Marsha + Kevin + Georgia / Australia

Thank you for an enjoying and enriching stay. The staff of Samboja Lestari did a wonderful job taking care of us. Keep up your good work and care of these beautiful animals and renewal of their (our) environment. We hope to return again some day. Terima kasih banyak.

James Schultz /

Thank you for the nice time and for your extraordinary service!

Ivo - Germany /

Selalu tetap survive, kalau bisa ada ruang pertemuan.

Ihya Ulumuddin (Ekologi ITB) /

Sangat menarik. Bisa membuat hutan rusak menjadi hidup alami dan lingkungannya terpelihara dengan baik. Outstanding

Ova, Bandung /

Semoga sukses dan jaya selalu. Tempatnya ok habiiiisssss.

Jumisah (Tribun Kaltim) /

Wildlife Nature Trail
Sunbear Sanctuary
Tree Planting and Research
Organic Farm

Tour-visitors: Requires a donation of IDR 550.000 / person.

Prices are inclusive meals (3x a day), transport, service etc … and exclusive special trips.         

per person/per night, single: per person/per night, share:
Normal bedroom (2 single beds) IDR 1.200.000 IDR 900.000

Queen Suite (1 queen size bed)

IDR 1.400.000

IDR 1.100.000

King Suite (1 king size bed)

IDR 1.900.000 IDR 1.600.000

While you are staying at Samboja Lestari, you don’t have to stay here all the time. Together with the local people we guide our guests through several day trips (on additional costs, because local people have to be hired and we have to pay for the cars etc …) You can go to several places, such as:

SUNGAI HITAM (Black River) 2-3 hour tour
Sungai Hitam is best visited in the early morning and late afternoon. Following a 20 minute drive from Samboja Lestari you take a boat ride along the Sungai Hitam tidal river to see highly endangered Proboscis monkeys and other wildlife. Local fisherman will guide you on this tidal river. The fisherman have been provided with a boat from BOS foundation and a monthly income for there services. They can also use this boat for themselves on free days.

Cost for 1 person costs for 2 people costs for 3 people and more
IDR 600.000 IDR 700.000 IDR 300.000 / person

SUNGAI WAIN full day tour
Less than one hours drive from Samboja Lestari lies the protected forest area of Sungai Wain. This was the first release site of BOS where 75 rehabilitated orangutans were released over 10 years ago. Several female orangutans with babies have been observed on previous visits. Since they are totally wild again, there is no 100% guarantee that you will see one of those released orangutans on this trip. But on this fairly challenging trip  you will see much interesting wildlife. Boots and binoculars are provided and you will have lunch at a local Indonesian "warung".
Cost for 1 person costs for 2 people costs for 3 people and more
IDR 1.000.000 IDR 1.100.000 IDR 450.000 / person

Thirty minutes drives from Samboja Lodge brings you to Lamaru beach, a typical Indonesian beach with white sands, coconut palms en pine trees! Observe locals in action and enjoy a lunch at one of the “warung” restaurants.  Though not one of the cleanest beaches it is an opportunity to see how local Indonesians enjoy their free time and an insight into the local culture. After lunch you will visit the Teritip crocodile farm. Perhaps not the most conservation orientated project but the farm does sustainable produce crocodile products such as wallets, belts, teeth and barbecue meat products. There are also elephants, snakes and other creatures to see at the farm. Late afternoon you will return to Samboja Lodge.
Cost for 1 person costs for 2 people costs for 3 people and more
IDR 500.000 IDR 600.000 IDR 250.000 / person

BUKIT BANGKIRAI (Canopy High Walk) half-day tour
A one-hour drive from Samboja Lestari is the forest park of Bukit Bangkirai. Visitors can take short forest walks and climbing into the forest canopy using connecting bridges to a height of 40 meters. Platform provide a perfect vantage point for observing macaques, leaf monkeys, maroon langurs, gibbons and hornbills.
Cost for 1 person costs for 2 people costs for 3 people and more
IDR 700.000 IDR 800.000 IDR 250.000 / person
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